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My Beautiful Life

Genre : 90's Pop, Indie Pop
Year : 2013
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Achievement : the big band 2010, Sintetik Magazine. My Beautiful Life original found by a simply brotherhood spirit, at June 2007. we sing an ordinary story from our neighborhood, story about family, story about human interaction with others or their God, story about human and the place where the belong, and many story which may find in our daily life. yes, the band started from poor family background, middle class family, but we never shame to share our story with others around the world. life is never flat, and we never stop believing. we already released our mini album (un)telling story at 2008, a single “Heaven” at compilation Malang Hari Ini at 2009, a single “Sepasang” at LA Lights Indie Opus compilation at 2010, and a single “Pulang” for OST. Luntur, an Indie Movie at Festifal Film Solo at 2011. at this moment, the band is preparing their new mini album, 15.02. a deep personal album, from the band, for someone who lived in the same world and breath the same air, you.

Track List
  1. MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE-Hilang (live)
  2. MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE-Chapter Three (live)
  3. MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE-Silent (live)
  4. MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE-Pulang (acoustic) - 15.02 EP
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