Ghosts I

Nine Inch Nails

Genre : Alternative Rock, Industrial, Industrial Metal
Year : 2008
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Ghosts I–IV (also known as Halo 26) is the seventh studio album from Nine Inch Nails, released March 2, 2008 over the internet, without prior information being released, and released April 8, 2008 in stores worldwide. It is the first NIN material to be independently released since leaving Interscope Records in 2007. The album is a four-volume, 2-disc release consisting of 36 instrumental tracks, featuring guest musicians. Deluxe and limited edition versions were sold through Initial response was very positive, with heavy traffic causing servers to crash and all limited edition copies being sold in just over a day.

Track List
  1. 01 Ghosts I
  2. 02 Ghosts I
  3. 03 Ghosts I
  4. 04 Ghosts I
  5. 05 Ghosts I
  6. 06 Ghosts I
  7. 07 Ghosts I
  8. 08 Ghosts I
  9. 09 Ghosts I
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